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Weed Control

Please contact the RM office for further information.


Pest Control

Pest Control Policy

Animal Pest Control

The R.M. provides WeatherBlok Rodenticide at no charge to R.M of Blaine Lake property owners. Please see the Pest Control Policy for more information.

Please contact the RM office for further information.

Beaver Control

Applicants who want to participate need to provided all of the following to the office:

  • Valid Trapping License
    • A copy of the complete license that would be printed at time of purchasing the trapper license.
  • Trapper Verification Form
    • This form can be provided from the office or can be found on the SARM website.
    • Dates, number of beavers removed, and the land locations must be completed on the form.
    • Beaver tails quantities must be confirmed with the designated councillor that will collect them.
    • Once verified, the trapper will be compensated.

Beaver Tails Policy