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Forms & General Permits



Anyone who plans to do a controlled burn within the RM must call the Controlled Burn Line before starting the burn as well after the fire is extinguished.

1-866-404-4911. See link below for further information for Controlled Burns and Grass Fires.

Burning Permits are available for burning in or within 4.5 kilometers of a forest. Please contact the branch office located for your area.

See link below for branch office contact information and additional information.

If burning or demolishing a building, please refer to the Building Permit Application on the Building page.

If you have questions, please contact the RM Office.

(If anyone wants to burn/remove any buildings within the RM, they can use the same form for Building Application as it has options at the top of the application for the type of work to be done. It does not mention burn but mentions removal and demolition.)