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Clubroot: Is your canola at risk?

Clubroot symptoms include stunting, wilting, yellowing, and premature ripening of canola
plants (left), and the formation of clubroot galls on canola root (right)

Clubroot best management practices
● Clean your equipment between fields to minimize clubroot spread
into and between fields.
● Scout all canola fields regularly and examine plants for clubroot
symptoms (including the roots)
● Extend rotations to a minimum of a three-year rotation
● Use clubroot resistant varieties early and in extended rotations
● Control volunteer canola and other susceptible weeds

For more information : visit or

If you have questions or suspect clubroot contact:
– Division 5 Plant Heath Officer (306-380-4526 or );
– The Ministry of Agriculture Regional Office (306-446-7962);
– Agriculture Knowledge Center (1-866-457-2307).

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