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RM of Blaine Lake #434 Economic Recovery Planning

Over the past several weeks, the council of the RM of Blaine Lake has become aware of the impact in and on the community about this COVID-19 virus. Until now, there is still a lot of uncertainty and the responses to some questions simply remain “I don’t know.”

At our council meeting today, we would like to address our small business and commercial population; we are reaching out to ask those with businesses of any size, of how your municipality can support you through this restricted time.

Some ideas and discussions have taken place regarding the following:

1. Focus on our local communities and the regional economy;
2. Fast track any business permits (the RM of Blaine Lake does not utilize such a system);
3. Consider Community Investment Groups;
4. SARM and SUMA have been approached regarding an Economic Recovery Task Force;
5. Consider waiving home-based bylaw restrictions (the RM of Blaine Lake does not utilize such a system);
6. Encourage the use of a barter system.

At this time, we ask that the lines of communication open to everyone and that if anyone has ideas further to what has been mentioned above, we would appreciate you contacting the office by sending in your contributions by mail or email. Like many of you, we have businesses too.

As we are sure you’ve heard several times already, we are all in this together and we will get through this.

We wish you good health!
Reeve and Council of the RM of Blaine Lake #434