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2021 Gravel Crushing Tender

Project: 2021 Gravel Crushing Tender to produce finished gravel, crush & pile, at the following pit:

  • The RM of Blaine Lake #434 further known as (“the RM”) is accepting sealed tenders for the crushing of Road Gravel at the locations as noted below. Each proposal must realise that a 10 per cent hold back of the total contracted invoice will be withheld until council is satisfied that the tender specification has been met. Any crushing reflected in a contract must be completed with measuring and invoicing submitted to the RM of Blaine Lake.
    • SW264507W3rd (10,000 20,000 yards * Type 106)

The RM reserves the right to request additional crushing at the same bid price. Request will be made either prior to crush taking place, or during the crushing process. Request will be presented in writing and will be seen as an extension to the agreement to be signed by both the RM and the Contractor. The additional crush amount(s) will be subject to the same conditions, including the overage percentage maximum of 5%.

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