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Mowing Tender 2020

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MOWING TENDER (For the Mowing of Roadside and Ditches of Designated Roads)

The Contractor hereby tenders under the following terms:

  1. For the mowing of approximately 350 miles of Primary Grid, Grid, Main Farm Access and Local Farm Access roads located throughout the Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434.
  2. All mowers must blow and clean in each division, before transferring to another division, in a designated area, preferably at 4-corners where it is visibly marked, so that the RM of Blaine Lake #434 Weed Inspector is able to monitor the area at all times.
  3. To furnish all labour, materials and equipment required to be furnished and to complete the work outlines in the specifications and requirements as set forth herein and for the price set herein.
  4. That payment will be made by the Municipality on the basis of mileage completed as determined by the Municipality with a ten (10%) per cent holdback until all mowing has been completed to the satisfaction of the Municipality.
  5. The Contractor must furnish the Municipal Office with proof of Comprehensive General Liability prior to the commencement of ditch cutting operations in the Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434. A minimum of Two Million (2,000,000) Dollars liability coverage must be carried by the successful bidder.
  6. The Contractor at his/her expense shall have all of the contractors employees and management covered under the provisions of the Saskatchewan’s Worker’s Compensation Act and property damage insurance which shall protect the Municipality against all claims for all damages or injury including death to any person of persons and for the damage to any property of the municipality, public or private property resulting from the performance of the services pursuant to this agreement.
  7. The Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434 is not responsible for any damages incurred to the Contractors equipment.
  8. If second cut is not required, the Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434 will notify the contractor thirty days in advance.
  9. The administrator will provide marked division maps to the contractor, and the contractor will submit invoices by division when work is completed.
  10. Immediately report any damages to signs or culverts to the Administrator, within 48 hours.
  11. Respect any memorial sites.
  12. The contractor shall have their management and employees covered for Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, Worker’s Compensation and any/all other wages and/or deductions. The contractor agrees to provide a clearance certificate as proof of Worker’s Compensation Coverage.
  13. “All Roads” shall mean both sides of actual roadway including any unauthorized cropping.
  14. “Full Width” shall mean all roads from the shoulder of the road to the fence line or back slope shoulder.
  15.  Cuts shall be no higher than five (5) inches, where permissible, in height.
  16. Small trees and shrubs must be mowed off.
  17. Council reserves the right to reject any and all tenders.
  18. Lowest tenders may not necessarily be accepted.

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Rural Municipality of Blaine Lake No. 434
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